1. Pick the right plants

Your own personal plant match-maker

We’ll help you choose the right greens for your climate, space, and experience level. So you won’t end up biting off more edible flowers than you can chew.

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    Tell us your spot on the green-thumb scale

  • House icon

    Where you and your plant-bestie live

  • Space icon

    Space and light in your plant’s new home

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Cosy up to your cos lettuce

Our detailed plant profiles cover everything you need to know to get along with your plants. So you can give them all the love they need, without having to trawl through bookshops or turn into a serial plant-tag hoarder.

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    Learn how to care for the new greens in your life

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    Using cuttings to grow more plant pals

  • Bug icon

    Common plant-probs and how to sort them

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Your handy guide to all things green

Keep your flowers and veggies golden, with all the tips and reminders you need to give your plants the TLC they crave.

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    Stay on top of watering with reminders

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    Keep tabs on changes in weather

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    Track growth and learn when to harvest or repot

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Grow some greens,
change a life.

The more greens you grow with the app, will go towards helping us create the Gardens for Good. A series of community gardens, designed to help Australia’s 48,000 homeless women grow a brighter future.

About Gardens for Good
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